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9508 FAVORITE MARCHES II Diane plays her arrangement of marches by John Philip Sousa, march hymns and other well-known marches on world famous organs including West Point, Naval Academy, Air Force Academy, Budapest, Strasbourg, Munich, Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church.  Guests include: St. Andrews Bagpipe Band, West Point Symphonic Band and the Ft. Lauderdale Symphony. Music: Handel “March Grand Choeur”; Sullivan “Onward Christian Soldier” (with Bagpipes); Gounod “March Pontifical”; J. Strauss “Radestsky March”; Chopin “Funeral March”; J. P. Sousa “El Capitan March”; Elgar “Pomp & Circumstance” and Mendelssohn “Wedding March”.

9508 Favorite Marches II

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