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The Joy of Music strives to promote excellence, beauty, and inspiration while highlighting the great organs, churches and cities of the world and to promote appreciation, interest in and knowledge of sacred and classical music.  Our ongoing purpose is to enrich, educate and inspire viewers of all ages and backgrounds through a positive and many-faceted cultural experience every week. Classical, sacred, and traditional music, the beauty of God's creation and appearances by guest performers and personalities join together for an unforgettable experience of joy and spiritual refreshment.

The Joy of Music offers a positive entertainment alternative uniquely suited to the highest goals of public, educational and religious broadcasting.  As a not-for-profit organization, The Joy of Music depends on the income from private donations, foundation assistance and broadcast and video sales to remain in production.  No requests for money or other sales efforts are ever made on the program.  Each episode is designed to present a refreshing, aesthetic experience for the viewer with no interruptions.  The high quality evident in each episode is achieved on a surprisingly low budget compared with most television or film productions.  With a commitment to excellence in all things, The Joy of Music remains a unique, positive and inspirational alternative in cultural entertainment.

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