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 2404  SIGHTS & SOUNDS OF ENGLAND – COVENTRY  Diane visits Coventry with it’s ruins of St. Michael’s Cathedral contrasted to the magnificent rebuilt cathedral.  Shakespeare’s birthplace is another of the sights visited. She is joined by the Coventry Cathedral Childrens Choir in George Dyson’s “Let All the World” and Mendelssohn’s “Then Shall the Righteous Shine”, S. Karg-Elert’s “Selig Sind Die Da Leid Tragen”.  Diane plays solo pieces:  Belier’s “Toccata” , G. F. Handel’s “Hallelujah Chorus”, and  Handel/Bish “Allegro” and Macdowell “To A Wild Rose”.

2404 Sights & Sounds of England - Coventry

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