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1404  Musical Visit to Istanbul Diane Bish begins her Black Sea Voyage in Istanbul, Turkey where she visits the Bogzaici University, Blue Mosque and Grand Bazaar.  Her special guests are Halit Turgay, Flute.  A special performance is given by the ensemble Sirin Pancaroglu & Merk Donuk Topakoglu, Harp and Volkan Ergen, Percussion.  Music from the Bogzaici University includes: Mozart “Turkish March”, Bach “Sonata in C Major” with Halit Turgay, D. Bedard “Toccata”, Tschaikowsky “Arabisch Dance”, the traditional “Doxology ‘The Old Hundredth’” and  Bach –Gounod “Ave Maria” with Halit  Turgay.

1404 DVD Musical Visit to Istanbul

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