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 2302  CELEBRATION OF AMERICA  Diane Bish presents a patriotic program celebrating the Spirit of America and its people.  Our music comes from the US Service Academies with visits to the WWII Monument in Bastogne, the American Cemetery and Memorial in Luxembourg and Bruton Parish in Williamsburg, VA Diane presents music to stir the souls of those who love America.  Music includes “Armed Forces Medley”, “Battle Hymn of the Republic”, “God of Our Fathers”, “Psalm XIX”, “The Gallant Seventh” performed by the Stellar Brass of the Air Force Academy, “My Country ‘Tis of Thee” and “Jesus Shall Reign”. Special guests include:  Gold Coast Symphony, Coral Ridge Choir, US Air Force Stellar Brass, US Military Academy Band, and the US Naval Academy Brass Ensemble.


2302 Celebration of America

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